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Built for Club Volleyball


Our USA Volleyball Gym Program is second to none! Our partner platforms have agreed to offer all NON-PROFIT Gyms the VISA/MC Charity Interchange Rate.

This rate is just
1.35% for Keyed or Swiped transactions. This is NOT a typo.

Our non-profit Volleyball Gym clients are seeing savings between:
$800 and $1200+ per month in fees.

Put that money back in your pocket! Or re-invest in needed equipment or travel costs.

And, even if your gym is not a non-profit, we can still lower your transaction costs by a substantial amount, through our relationships with our ISO and Bank Partners. Stop overpaying and/or charging your customers the 4%-5% extra. Let us handle your card payment services. You'll be glad you did - and it's risk-free.

Don't forget, we have no cancel penalties, quick funding, 24/7 US Based Support, dependable national platforms like Clearent, EVO Payments and TSYS, and you automatically get a personal assistant assigned to your account, available by phone, email or text.

We offer FREE Authorize Net Gateway Service. If you need a physical card terminal, we can get you one of those as well for no cost. 

*Remember, even if you use a standard scheduling or gym cloud software, you can run and/or integrate your own credit card processing account and gateway and save thousands of dollars. Portals like Zoho™ and EZFacility™ can easily be integrated into your site. We have a few different integration options, including setting up a billing portal for you - with no setup cost.
One example can be viewed here.

We have also now begun working with the good people at *LeagueApps™. Their gym software platform is a step up from the common Volleyball Gym software. Data and customer information security, more customization features, and more control over your own card processing are just a few of the benefits. 
(We are not compensated by LeagueApps™, and use of their software is completely optional and separate from our program).

On the Marketing side, we assist our gym clients with Social Media Marketing, like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and others.


**We can also build your online ECommerce site on Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and more - often times with 12 months of free subscription.**


On the Tax Services side, we provide Tax Prep services for both Non-Profits (Form 990) and SCorp/LLC Gyms. Our clients have told us our fees are low, and our service is great. Our tax pros always aim for the best-case scenario allowed under the code.


We have kids that play/have played in the USA Volleyball system. We couldn't be more proud of this program.

For 2019 ONLY -
New Gym Clients receive 6 brand new Molten Super Touch 58L or compatible balls.

Call or Email/Contact Us Today!

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