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Tax Services

Professional Tax Services and Resolution Services

No matter what your business type, our on-staff enrolled agents and CPAs can help consult, prepare, and resolve with regards to your tax needs. We have handled over 2,000 cases and returns preparations for our clients. We can provide general accounting and P&L creation, tax minimization, and IRS resolution. Just $200 for annual business tax return prep! Save the absolute maximum possible!

Business types: S Corp, LLC, C Corp, Sole Prop, Non-Profit, Partnerships.

What makes us different? We can handle your back tax issues. We are experts with over 2000 cases handled.

Many of our clients ask the question: "How can I minimize my tax legally?" 

We like to provide a 3 step answer to this question.

1. We look at your business structure to see if you are operating as the most tax-efficient entity that you can be,

2. We help identify every possible deduction for your business, including bonus depreciation and credits.

3. We help minimize back tax payments for any issues that may have occurred beyond your control in the past, and help set up future compliance.

Tax Services for Restaurants, Auto Repair, Gyms, Retail, ECommerce, Services, and more.

As a Merchant Services client, you will receive Tax Prep Services for just $300!*


*$300 tax prep valid for SCorp, Partnership, LLC, and Sole Proprietorship w/less than 350k annual revenues. Non-Profit and C Corp services are additional cost.

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