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Services for Restaurants

We are dedicated to our Restaurant Owners. We know how hard you work and how long the hours are. We have worked with restaurants since 2000, and we have developed one of the most comprehensive programs to take care of 3 vital interests for eateries (and their owners):
Lower Costs, Functionality & Brand, and Less Stress.

1. Payment Processing at cost-based rates. All the same features that we offer for all our merchants are here - no contract penalties, next day funding, US Based support, AI enhanced low .20% cost-based rates, dependable, award-winning national platforms.

                                   ---- all services below are important add-on/optional services-----

2. POS Tablet Systems and Terminals. We work with several of the most popular of these - our favorite being ShopKeep. We can provide setup assistance and temporary terminals as well, so you have NO down time. Features include FOH and BOH functionality, time tracking, full cloud-based menu control, online ordering, and more. Don't forget - many older stand alone credit card terminals will soon be outdated and WILL NOT FUNCTION. The Poynt Terminal is a great simple solution.

3. Bento Box Website partners. Even if you have a website - most restaurants will NEED to update their sites due to the ADA (American Disabilities Act). You run the risk of lawsuit if your website is not compliant. Don't be another lawsuit victim! We have partnered with Bento Box™, a full service provider of BEAUTIFUL restaurant websites. Check out Bento Box here. Everything a website can do, they do it better. And prettier. Get $500 off your site set up when you become our merchant client.

4. Payroll and Tax Services. Why worry about the complications of manual payroll? Why overpay for tax services? Use our in-house staff and take advantage of our partnership with Gusto™ Payroll. Additionally, take advantage of the processing relationship to get lower cost, faster, and more merchant-friendly tax services, provided by in house Enrolled Agents and CPAs.

5. Google Ads & Facebook Ads. Do you know how to really use each of these? We do! Target both "search" customers and "passive" customers. We can handle your ad set up, and even the creative visuals. Get your business known in your local community!

6. Social Media Set Up. Whether you need a basic page with simple functions, or something more complex, our agency partners can get your eatery the state of the art visibility it deserves (and requires). Facebook™, Instagram™, Youtube™.


7. Review Management. Online reviews can really make or break a restaurant these days. You absolutely need to monitor your reviews, and to constantly acquire more positive reviews. We have just the tool for this! 


8. Printing & Design. Need menus? Need ideas for signage? Let us know. Our designers will get you a fresh set of media and a new vision, without over-charging.

9. Bookkeeping. Restaurant owners do NOT have time for bookkeeping. Our bookkeepers and accountants can help you get some sleep. Online, cloud-based. Quickbooks or Zero software supported. E-file importing required.



Did you know?

Feeding America®. For every new merchant that we activate, we donate a portion of all our profits every month to Feeding America, the U.S. leader in local and regional food bank services for children and adults.

We can be your one-stop shop! Contact us today!

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