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ICS Pay | Main St. Merchants - Demo Recurring Billing

Welcome to the demo page.
ICS Pay/recurring billing for Interchange Services Inc. | Main St Merchants, powered by Zoho™ software.

We were asked to create a demo billing page, to illustrate the functionality of this software. This is an optional part of our service. Please note this page is not live, but you may use your email address and other contact information to generate a demo transaction. The information will also trigger a receipt email to you. The player name and transaction information will be stored in your Zoho billing dashboard.

The page we created has 4 fictional options. You can create a page with virtually unlimited options.
You can also enable features like: emailed invoices for customers to pay online, single one-time charges for existing customers, and open amount one-time charges.

It is not difficult to integrate this type of page into your existing site. You can link or use iFrame.

Use card # 4111 1111 1111 1111 with expiration date of current month plus 4, and “123” as the CVV code.

All language and text descriptions are for demo purposes only. Also note that this type of page can exist in 2 places, depending on your preference:

1. As a page available and visible to your customers, for them to pay and update their own information.

2. Or you can keep it hosted separately, and you can use it as a back office tool to manage the payments yourself.

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