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Zoho ACH and Recurring Payments

We often get asked what the best option is for managing recurring payments, via credit card and ACH. Our experience with ZOHO subscriptions has been more than satisfactory.

If you haven't heard of Zoho, you should. They have been building their business software platform for years. From accounting to social media management and beyond - these guys are committed to creating a superior, open style system of tools for business owners of all types.

Check out Zoho Subscriptions. It allows a business owner to create payment pages, manage recurring payments, and much more. You can embed code or links into your site and link to secure payment pages. And, since Zoho integrates with Authorize Net, you know you are getting a tried and tested dependable processing platform. (And we offer Authorize Net services for no monthly added fee!)

Granted, if you are using an open style software like LeagueApps, you won't need to worry about a service like Zoho subscriptions, because LeagueApps has the functionality built in. But, if you are using a software platform that wants to lock you in to their own high rate payment processing system, or if you are managing your own billing on your own independent hosted website (not using a Saas/CRM cloud website provider), then definitely check out Zoho.

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