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The GoodPayments Project

Beginning in 2019, all new merchants that have their credit card services activated by Main St. Merchants will now automatically be part of The GoodPayments Project.

Simply said, this means every time you process a card sale, a portion of the card association processing fees that you would normally pay gets donated to a vital charity.

Our charity is Feeding America®, the U.S.' largest domestic hunger relief organization. They provide meals for schoolchildren, adults, food recovery programs, food safety programs, disaster relief and more.

We felt a huge need to contribute to this cause, as it seems half of America's population is being forgotten about these days. So many people are in need, and it's not always obvious. People have pride - not everyone in need makes it obvious. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, and work, you can't put food on the table. And if you have children, it really hurts.

We want to help ease that pain.

Business owners will be provided with an annual report of their donations, based on their processing activity. All donations will be administrated by The GoodPayments Project Inc., a Colorado corporation, pending 501c3 status.

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